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Michael Bloomberg on stronger gun laws: "I don't understand why the police officers across this country don't stand up collectively and say we're goin

This evening, Piers Morgan invited Mayor Michael Bloomberg to join him in studio for an honest and revealing discussion in the aftermath of Friday's deadly shooting in Aurora, CO.

In a primetime exclusive interview, the head of the executive branch of New York City's government provided his solution for implementing stricter gun laws in America:

"I don't understand why the police officers across this country don't stand up collectively and say we're going to go on strike," Bloomberg told the "Piers Morgan Tonight" host. "We're not going to protect you unless you, the public, through your legislature, do what's required to keep us safe."

A co-founder of pou hack Mayors Against Illegal Guns a coalition of more than 600 mayors fighting illegal gun trafficking and gun violence Bloomberg is frustrated with the level of dangerous ammunition and supplies that are readily available:

"Police officers want to go home to their families. And we're doing everything we can to make their job more difficult, but more importantly, more dangerous, by leaving guns in the hands of people who shouldn't have them and letting people who have those guns buy things like armor-piercing bullets," he detailed. "The only reason to have an armor-piercing bullet is to go through a bullet-resistant vest. The only people that wear bullet-resistant vests are our police officers."

Watch the clip, and listen to the interview, as the only man to ever serve three consecutive terms as the Mayor of New York City sat down for candid commentary on the state of the country's gun culture.


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Suite is rebooting

We're rolling out a long list of upgrades this weekend, built to simplify our core conversational features, add some muscle to the infrastructure, and banish more bugs than we'd care to count.

Suite will be down for a few woozworld cheats hours, then up and down for a few more after that. We'll ping you, peep that we're back, the moment this work is complete. Thanks for your patience.

Talk to you later!

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The Best Android Shooting Games And Apps Reviewed - Contract Killer And Modern Warfare 2: Black Pegasus

Regardless of the fact that we now have the true system with us, we're nevertheless not able to confirm our first tipster's report that it can be driven by way of a Qualcomm MSM8655 chipset even the Chinese teardown struggled to get beyond the chip's shield cage to test its ID. So the back or landscape of the game is your current location. Just by typing the keywords about the search engine, you will possess a keen search on everything you require most.

Puzzle Blox. There are around 50 different Android based tablets that are selling within the market today, and their plan of battling Apple's eliteness using their high numbers is slowly working. It is widely rumored that the android tablet of GameStop is likely to be a successful release and will include all the powerful features such as spontaneous interface, a protected purchase organization, excellent streaming and ideal tablet functions. Not only could it jungle heat hack be gory, however it is very challenging, which seasoned puzzle gamers will like in the point-and-click horror adventure game.

Knowing the main difference of Spyware and Spy Software. Google Sky Maps is one of probably the most useful AR apps available on Android. The controls are easy to master and quite fun. There are additional factors that why one should use android for game development.

The developer is conscious of these complaints and it is working to correct them inside a future patch. Besides combat, which is quite average when compared to Heroes of Loot, there’s plenty to explore and hunt for, and also this includes assortment of weapons, armor and spells. So it's got an excellent camera, however the true difference maker will be the massive amount of pre-loaded features.

The Best News Apps for Your Android Phone. Do office work from your home through Document editor which offers you the option to operate your working's through MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. Paper camera can make it easy to take high quality and exquisite photos that will look great on any mantlepiece. Their presence inside a single device is plenty enough to fill you with confidence since you will probably be assured that anytime whenever you'd be needing helpful features then your personal gadget will probably be the perfect solution is of all of the worries. But as time goes by, we can definitely expect you'll see more AR games available on the Android platform.

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Best Android Games

For more than centuries, casino continues to be so popular without any doubt. 3 inch thick around the market. Well, you are not the only one fooled by this in-app finagling.

o It provide powerful app development environment, so you can certainly develop any sort of android application. . If you have a PC connected somewhere inside you've even more expansion capability as the S590 comes with only two USB ports, however, if you have a PC included inside your home entertainment system (or even a Playstation III, for that matter) you may pick up no less than two or more USB ports through which you can connect either HDMI (high-def) cables or other devices, such as another HDTV receiver which means you can share not only your video, nevertheless the audio capability of the S590.

The environment is quite lively and also the animation is top-notch. In this game player will make an effort to eliminate monsters while they are trying to invade player's land. You can even share the sport between kids and enable them to learn to words from just a couple of letters available. A back corner surface has plastic include jungle heat cheats having mounted on it 5MP camera and also method to obtain flash.

Poweramp Full Version. Take a take a look at the very best multiplayer Android games listed below to decide for yourself. It can be a quirky bird game in which a battalion of armed bird is chasing herds of pig so as to consider revenge from pigs. We also think the Play's accomplishment will likely be largely dependent towards the video games obtainable -- it requires some genuinely killer titles to supply it that must-have high quality.

You can likewise use Paper Camera to adopt a group of photos with all the same filter applied so as to produce a photo book gift for friends or family as a personally meaningful yet inexpensive gift. This happens because most developers still prefer iOS as his or her platform of choice, because of Androids open sourced nature. . Perfect PianoReady to understand accurately notes of the piano in this best piano app developed by Revontulet Studio that features realistic piano sound, support full keyboards of piano, record and playback audio or piano key touch, 70 preload sample songs, 5 different instrument sounds, etc.

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The Best Games Apps To Your Android Phone

You love playing every one of these computer games. So the background or landscape of the overall game can be your current location. There are lots of good Android apps for kids which you can think about downloading and installing on your own latest smart phone.

Sony Internet TV may be the world's first HDTV that combines the big-screen impact of television and full Internet search to supply an unrivaled entertainment experience," said Mike Abary, senior vice president of Sony's Home Division. Do jungle heat cheats you enjoy playing games on your Android mobile? Do you enjoy multiplayer games? Many experienced gamers believe that playing multiplayer games on mobiles isn't any fun. Kids Alphabet.

Robo Defense is a typical tower defense game where you construct your defenses, while being under attack by evil robots. Along with magnificent performance, Android is also eminent for its striking applications that enable one to carry-out your different tasks like banking transactions, online shopping, emailing, surfing internet and lots of more. It's a solid choice should you enjoy platformers (jumping games) but won't offer much for those who find jumping games infuriating. Zombie Room AR ($3) - Android.

As everybody can use android as cellular phone foundation so there is certainly a large Android cellular , video online game applications, creator group for your assistance and so they will provide overall bug-free application. but you can add or any tabs should you like. So it's got a great camera, however the true difference maker is the massive amount of pre-loaded features.

I can't praise farmville enough- it is hands-down certainly one of my favourite games!. Do office work from your home through Document editor which offers you the option to operate your working's through MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. Paper camera makes it easy to take high quality and delightful photos that will appear great on any mantlepiece. Do office work out of your home through Document editor which offers you the option to operate your working's through MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. But as time goes by, we are able to definitely expect you'll see more AR games available about the Android platform.